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Motor vehicle accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. Here are some of the common types of motor vehicle accidents that you should know.  Usually, if you are involved with one of these, you will want to contact a personal injury lawyer like Asheville accident attorney, Lakota R. Denton.

  1. Single Auto Accident

Here, only one vehicle is involved in the accident. Most of these types of motor vehicle accidents are often collisions caused by fallen debris, collisions with animals, rollovers or run-off-road collisions.  They are quite common and the driver might strike an object such as a tree, pole or fire hydrant. There are cases where it might involve innocent bystanders or pedestrians. In most cases, the driver and passenger will experience injuries and often cases extensive property damage.

  1. Rear- End Collisions

It is a motor vehicle accident where the vehicle crashes into the one in front. They might be caused when the driver is not paying attention or is distracted. Other causes include panic attacks, tailgating and reduced traction on the wheels because of irregular road conditions caused by the weather.

If one of the drivers also slows down or brakes suddenly, it’s also going to cause this type of accident. One of the common injuries caused by rear-end collisions is a whiplash and it might affect the drivers and passengers in the impacted vehicle. The driver that rear-ends the other vehicle is the one at fault in this accident.

  1. Side-Impact Collision

They are also referred to as T-bone or broadside collisions. Here, the sides of one or more vehicles are impacted. The accidents mostly happen at intersections or in parking lots.

Out of all the side-impact collisions reported at least a quarter of the passenger occupants die. A side impact collision can be very severe but it might vary depending on where the vehicle has been struck.  The impact can be caused by the front or rear of another vehicle as well as a fixed object in some cases causing grave injuries to the passengers.

  1. Vehicle Rollover

It’s a motor vehicle accident that’s violent and complex in nature. They might be caused by a drunk driver or one driving recklessly on the road. On the other hand, they can also be caused by driving a vehicle that’s not roadworthy. Environmental conditions can play a role in a vehicle rollover accident such as black ice.

Whatever the cause, these accidents can be quite frightening and dangerous. The vehicle will flip over on the side or the roof. Any type of vehicle can be involved in this type of motor vehicle accident. However, those with a higher center of gravity such as SUVs are more susceptible.

They can be attributed to taking sharp turns at high speed and often causes serious injuries to the vehicle occupants such as brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, severe lacerations and much more.

  1. Head-On Collision

Here, the front ends of two vehicles will hit each other from opposite directions. They are very fatal accidents and can be avoided by being aware of the street conditions, the traffic signs and always staying in your lane while on the road.

Anyone injured in a car accident can hire an attorney, especially if they suspect negligence and receive compensation for their medical expenses.

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