What do you should look for when choosing a solicitor and lawyer? Are they not all the same? Attorneys, like people, come in all sizes and shapes. Thus how do you select a company and solicitor that you’ll feel safe with and that will be able to deal with your matter correctly, proficiently and with the right quantity of skill and knowledge?

There are many things to consider and you should consider what your expectations are about speed, quality and service first. Sadly, I’ve experienced many situations in which a solicitor’s understanding of great service is completely dissimilar to that of your client.


Whilst expertise to a big degree should be expected, you should on the other hand establish that the solicitor and lawyer have the expertise and experience to manage your matter. Just how many conditions like yours carry out they cope with in per month or a calendar year? Has someone you understand used them in identical circumstances? If therefore, what do they state about them? It’s also vital that you consider what relevant accreditations they have, and if they are believed a leader or expert in their relevant discipline. The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners give very useful guidance here[link].


With regards to service, this may mean different things to different people. To most it really is summed up as a confident experience predicated on responsiveness, accessibility, and interaction which is solution driven, apparent and jargon-free. It is a tired cliché within the job, but unfortunately some lawyers do continue being difficult to access.


Having your legal professional in the same town to play and see may come to feel convenient, even essential, but could it be important in today’s modern day? Good Hadaway & Hadaway Solicitors ought to be willing to travelling and communicate readily by telephone and email. How often do you need to go to them and is position really essential if the provider and expertise is really as you’ll want and expect?


Price is always a factor, even if some won’t say it’s a good deciding factor. However, certainly “value” is a far more appropriate term. Every specific is happy to purchase value and that benefit is fantastic service and marketplace leading expertise. Be distinct about the price based on your service and quality requirements. Assuming you have narrowed it down to two very similar or identical firms, in that case price could be the just determining component. Having said this, I’d advise using other procedures first – as the word goes… “pay peanuts…”


Select several firms that may actually match your expectations predicated on factors such as for example expertise, provider, location and selling price, and prepare to provide them a call. Use the Law Society website to verify that they’re a genuine firm and have a look at their website for more information about them and how they can help you.
Have a listing of questions well prepared you want to ask each company, and then score each one predicated on their response.
Do they have like-minded clientele and any testimonials either on the web-site or that they can send to you on request?

On the decision, briefly explain your subject and pay attention to the response. It’s beneficial to rate each firm predicated on the impression you get from them through the conversation.

First impressions

Was the phone answered in an agreeable and professional manner?
Had been you directed to another expert / department?
Speaking to an expert

Did you talk with a specialist and did they give their brand without you asking?
How long achieved it take that you speak to a specialist? Did you have to make a scheduled appointment to even reach speak to them?
Did you feel these were hearing and did they ask relevant questions?
Was the method and next steps explained?
Was the cost structure explained?


After the phone, use these factors to measure the best firm for you personally, and likewise ask to meet up the lawyer who’ll be coping with your case. Any original meeting should be on a no obligation basis and the lawyer ought to be clear about the objectives of that meeting – is it to assist you make your ultimate decision or to get going with the circumstance? If you wish to get going be ready for the firm’s engagement method – confirming they appreciate your circumstance and needs, the expenses and next steps.